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GOSSEN Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik
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Mavolux 5032C/B USB D/GB (750 kB) IT (572 kB) FR/ES (880 kB)

MAVOLUX 5032 C BASE D/GB (566 kB) IT (436 kB) FR/ES (704 kB)

Mavomonitor USBD (190 kB)GB (190 kB)

Mavo-Spot 2 USB D (1.1 MB) GB (1.1 MB) FR (1.1 MB)
Mavo-Spot 2 USB Essentials D (1.1 MB) GB (1.1 MB) FR (1.1 MB)

Mavomax RK1, Mavomax 60D (152 kB) GB (96 kB)

Mavospot D (55 kB) GB (55 kB)
Mavomax D (19 kB)
Mavolux 5032C/B D (687 kB) GB (686 kB)
Mavospot/Mavomonitor D (644 kB) D (643 kB)
Mavomonitor D (274 kB) GB (265 kB)
Mavolux digital D (574 kB) GB (574 kB)
Panlux electronic D (816 kB) GB (734 kB)
Sixtolux D (296 kB)
TriluxD (107 kB)

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